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ODM Digital Media Management



We specialize in social media marketing on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn & Twitter.



We help your website climb Google search engine rankings like never before through PPC ads and SEO.



We develop stunning websites, high conversions Ecommerce stores, landing pages & mobile apps.



Challenge: A construction builder with lots of resources was unable to generate useful leads for the business.

Solution: Created a conversion optimized professional website and started working on SEM & SMM with special focus to generate qualified leads using proper marketing funnel.​

Results: The proper online exposure, combined with result oriented digital marketing approach started to give continuous flow of good leads. Significantly helped the builder to expand the business. ROAS was above 8000% due to the high conversion value of the sales.


Challenge: A cloud kitchen was unable to get new vendor registrations.

Solution: Created a sales focused landing page and started running ads to the landing page for conversion. Ads were tailor made to the objective. Due to significantly higher ROAS in social media for the niche, SEM was not implemented.

Results: The business was able to rapidly expand to multiple locations. Later, the advertisements for the entire brand was implemented with huge success.


Challenge: A natural beauty product business was spending too much on online advertising. There was no positive ROI through online ads.​

Solution: Sound knowledge in digital marketing is required to get good ROI from the campaigns. Our timely intervention and takeover reduced the advertisement cost by 50%.​

Results: The business was able to scale up with online ads successfully. The marketing overheads were removed and their management team was able to concentrate on the core business.


Challenge: A newly setup online watch store was not getting sales through their Ecommerce website. They were unable to sell their product through the online store.

Solution: A proper marketing funnel was setup based on the actions taken by the customers on the Ecommerce website. This enabled to properly segment the audience and show suitable ads to the audience at each level of marketing funnel.

Results: The sales started to show up within first month and started increasing rapidly after the 3rd month.

SO! Let's Talk Branding!! 

At One Door Media Inc., we know that a strong social media presence is crucial for any business in today's digital landscape. We are committed to helping brands enhance their online visibility through effective and targeted advertising that resonates with their target audience. Our experienced team works closely with clients to develop and execute marketing strategies that are tailored to their unique needs and objectives. By helping businesses establish a prominent online presence, we can help them reach their full potential.

ODM Funnel

Exceptionally Better Lead Generation


Our lead generation methods are tested, proven and provides guaranteed results. These results mutually discussed before we begin our service.

Boost Ecommerce Sales & ROAS

We design & develop high conversion Ecommerce stores & run social media ads that will take your ROAS (Return On Ads Spent) to the moon. Scroll down to see one of our Ecommerce store results.

Quality Designs & Branding

Our creative team is truly passionate about what they do. We use high skill demanding software such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop etc. to make social media posts & ads. This ensures that your content pops out from the competition.

Result Oriented Campaigns

We design the campaigns and marketing funnels according to your specific requirements. We know what works best for you. Feel free to get on a consultation call with us.

Weekly Infographic Performance Reports

Infographic reports will be mailed to you each month. The reports are in detail summarizing all performance data. Additionally, weekly summarized performance reports will be auto-emailed to you from your dashboard.

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