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Haldar PR is a Public Relations Company based in Canada, but here's the twist -
We are a cause based PR agency and work for real heroes, AKA HPR HEROES who are all around us, all across the globe!
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Because we work with some of the most rare and incredible clients across the globe. Who are our clients? They are the real heroes of our world! Aiming to redefine the scope of Public Relations, yet with all the workings of a regular PR agency, HPR's "clients" are anything but regular!   "HPR HEROES" or our 'clients' whom we work for and serve, 100% voluntarily, are some of the most phenomenal people who have been through the most tragic, life altering circumstances, yet choose to not only stand up for themselves but change their life mission to help others in need.   Our aim, through our company, is to promote stories of these real heroes globally, bringing our world closer together and raise funds for every hero making a positive difference.  Yes, we are now on our way to becoming a Charity, for we believe one of the ways to the collective growth of our society is to pump our society with news of the collective good of the people. We are therefore striving for a bigger and stronger future, together, with some major works in the pipeline! Tania Haldar, creator of HPR Heroes, who has been featured in local Toronto publications and her stories have aired on Rogers TV, Cable 10 as well as featured on Halton TV, has this to say of her passion project:  "I wish to continue to spread word about HPR HEROES, for three reasons :   A) Make our heroes known through consistent PR efforts and ultimately, raise funds for their Charities. B) Spread hope and encouragement in the face of despair. C) Bring our world closer together through inspiring stories of real people from every country around the world so we may start to relate to each country for their incredible people."  It is high time that the constant 24/7 over-glamorization of celebrity content be met with at the very least, an equal amount of air time for every unsung hero.  It is time to create a balance and maybe even a mass shift in the kind of content mindlessly spewed in our media, the primary source of 3 generations' mental make up. Our future generations deserve better idols and ideals to look up to and live by.   Growing up, Tania had felt deeply about this issue and was commissioned to make a 30 minute documentary on the topic which she called 'The Flip Side' for National TV in India. The film highlighted the negative impact of continuously pumping people's minds with content without substance. Decades later, today it has become even more imperative that we take control of the situation with social media dictating every thought we harbour.   Something has to change in mainstream media. Because - we all need a little bit of hero in us!    Hiyam Baker from Lebanon deserves the same recognition and same stardom and money and success as does Kim Kardashian.. Some will argue, much, much more. So does Tamara Gordon from Canada. As does Carolyn LeCroy from USA. As does Chandrasekhar Sankurathri from India. As does Phymean Noun from Cambodia.   As do hundreds and thousands of heroes from all around the globe, working tirelessly for others in spite of their own trials and tribulations. These are our HPR HEROES. The real heroes.   Tania is on a mission to continue to get their stories out, and has been searching and interviewing these heroes to make them known- but there is a sea of work that is needed to be done, where the world must come together and want to make that shift. Each one of us must collectively and actively want to see, hear, experience news stories on a daily, hourly basis of the hundreds and thousands of real heroes around the world, to see the good in humans, no matter where they come from and give them the global platform they deserve - just the way we are bombarded with negative news stories from all around the world on a daily, hourly basis.   Something has to change. We have to the catalysts! That is the day, we will push corporate giants and big media conglomerates to focus on the good from every country and bring the world closer, instead of spreading hatred.  Haldar envisions a day when there is red carpet treatment for each of of these heroes too-, where the paparazzi will be following them around just for a single 'byte' for their channel. Only a conscious effort will bring about a conscious shift in the minds of the young and impressionable who need an idol to grow up to be like - we owe this to our next generation and the next and the next - and not leave the world where we have successfully left everyone hating and fighting.  Time to end the divisive control. Tania has previously been invited to speak about HPR HEROES at the Rotary Club in Oakville and has spoken at the March of Dimes, Toronto, and was also interviewed by Voices 4 Ability, a radio show in Toronto especially created for those with physical and intellectual disabilities.  But now, Haldar is gearing up to reach her project to a much higher, global platform. If you know someone who can be featured as an HPR HERO, please feel free to reach us at   If eligible, we will set up interviews to learn more about their lives so that their stories may be also be featured.   ​ **Please note, the aim of popularizing HPR HEROES is also to fund each HPR HERO'S registered charities; If applicable, direct links to these not-for-profits / charities are added at the end of their respective true-life stories - so readers / viewers / subscribers may also consider donating directly to a charity of their choice.

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