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Steve One Door Media Inc. Videographer

Meet Steven TURNEY

Lead Videographer,

Videos & Animation

Steven is a videographer, writer, editor and, as long as it has to do with video, everything in between!  He has done freelance work for small and large businesses alike along with writing/directing/editing two short films that have played on Amazon Prime.


Turney has everything it takes to give you fantastic videos each and every time!

Courtney One Door Media Inc. Media Postings

Meet Courtney HAANEN 

Social Media Postings


You can count on Courtney to handle all social media posting services for you!


Eye catching and engaging daily posts on your business Fb & Instagram pages, graphics, captions, hashtags & consistent scheduling times in sync with your colours, branding, logo, picture & info are just a few of the social media services that Courtney has covered!


For all other Back-End Social Media Services, Graphic Design, Digital Media Management and SEO Services, we have a full dedicated team to run your campaigns! Get in touch with us to for detailed information.

Michelle One Door Media Inc. Photographer

Meet Michelle LINDSAY 

Product Photographer


Michelle started out as a hobbyist photographer in the Peruvian Andes in landscape photography and gradually found her way towards specializing in commercial and editorial food & beverage and brand photography. 

“The science of manipulating light, capturing moments and freezing them in time for my clients to enjoy forever keeps me going! By adding just enough contrast, framing and clever composition, I love that I am able to tell stories through the impactful medium of photography.”

Rick One Door Media Inc. Photographer


Lead Corporate Photographer


Rick is a professional Photographer, Lecturer and Photography Instructor specializing in special lighting photography.


Need clean, crisp, professional headshots? Count on Rick!

Zach One Door Media Inc. Photographer

Meet Zach HOOD

Event Photographer 


Zach comes from a Design background with special skills in Photography, Social Media and Digital Marketing. Hood has worked in the beauty industry, restaurants and in real estate and specializes in branding and illustration. Zach fits in equally comfortably in his role as an event photographer for local businesses.


You can be sure to have Zach cover your event artistically and in great detail.

Tania Haldar Brand Consultant One Door Media Inc.

Meet Tania HALDAR

Brand and Image Consultant I Director, One Door Media Inc.

Tania Haldar is a certified Image and Brand Consultant based in Oakville, with a background in Photojournalism, Design, PR &  Advertising. 


As an educator of Corporate Grooming, Haldar analysis client vision and mission and lays out step by step visual management plans towards a holistic approach to corporating branding and growth.  


Haldar is the nominee and Finalist for the Business Excellence Awards for 'Bell Small Business of the Year' - 2021-22 and also a Nominee for the 'Entrepreneur of the Year Award' - 2022-23.

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