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Welcome to HPR HEROES!

HPR HEROES are some of the most phenomenal people who have been through tragic circumstances, yet choose to help others in need. A few of the 'heroes' featured on my site also run registered charities in Canada and the US; direct links to these not-for-profits are added at the end of their respective true-life stories - so readers may also consider donating directly to a charity of their choice.

Tania Haldar, creator of HPR Heroes has previously been invited to speak about HPR HEROES at the Rotary Club in Oakville, and has spoken to a classroom full of students with physical and intellectual disabilities at the March of Dimes, Canada, in Toronto, and was also interviewed by Voices 4 Ability, a radio show in Toronto especially created for those with disabilities. Her work has been featured in one of the local Toronto magazines and a couple of her stories aired on Rogers TV, Cable 10.

"I wish to continue to spread the word about HPR HEROES, for two reasons : A) Make our heroes known, and B) Spread hope and encouragement in the face of despair."

Therefore, if you know someone who can be featured as an HPR HERO, please feel free to reach us at If eligible, we will set up interviews to learn more about their lives so that their stories may be featured. Because we all need a little bit of hero in us!

During an interview with Voices for Ability

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