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Consult with Tania Haldar

Brand Consultant I Director, One Door Media Inc.

Tania Haldar, Director, ODM Inc. is a global Image and Brand Consultant with a background in Photojournalism, Design, PR & Advertising.


As an Educator of Corporate Grooming, Haldar analysis client vision and mission and lays out customized step by step visual management plans to ensure a holistic approach towards corporate branding and growth. More on services provided to meet those goals Here.


"Whether you're an entrepreneur or a small - mid sized business, my goal is to educate your company and your employees on how to fully reach your business potential by aligning your brand with your corporate mission. Image matters. Your brand - be it personal or professional is serious business. Make it count every single day."

Haldar is the nominee and Finalist for the Business Excellence Awards for 'Bell Small Business of the Year' - 2021-22 and also a Nominee for the 'Entrepreneur of the Year Award' - 2022-23.

Head over to Book your Session with Tania directly to discuss the best practices forward for your personal and professional growth.


Bookings are now also available for corporate brand training sessions. 

You can mail Tania at for further inquiries.

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