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One Door Media Inc.

Corporate Visual Branding

ONE DOOR MEDIA Inc. is a global visual branding consultancy firm based in Oakville, ON. We are experts in Corporate Grooming and Personal Branding and follow a two step process to bring entrepreneurs, professionals and small to mid-sized businesses to the forefront.


Certified Image & Brand Consultant and Educator of Corporate Grooming, Director of ODM Inc., Tania Haldar analysis client vision and mission and lays out step by step Visual Management plans towards a Holistic approach to branding and / or re-branding. Professional Services such as Corporate Headshots, Lifestyle / Environmental Brand shoots, Promotional Videos, Concepts and Ideas, Storyboards, Creative Ads, Short Documentaries and Drone videos for Real Estate, SEO Services Graphic & Web Design and Digital Media Management are then utilized by a team of ODM experts on a well laid out timeline to finally realize the client's end goal.  Book a consultation session with Brand Consultant Tania to know what route to take to reach your personal and professional goals.

One Door Media Inc.'s latest international venture, Boutique Production Services geared towards B2B Advertising for High-End Luxury Brand Marketing now has a new and dedicated creative production team. The ODM Inc. boutique team serves various fashion & editorial catalogues, look-books, ad-campaigns, jewelry & cosmetic brands while catering to design requests especially for our boutique clients. Our highly experienced and skilled team has been in the fashion industry for over 25 years, creating countless successful ad campaigns for various fashion and corporate clients from around the world.

Feel free to email us at or Book your required service Online

OUR PASSION PROJECT: We support stories of the real heroes of our community so don't forget to check out our passion project, HPR HEROES! 

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