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One Door Media

ODM Services and our awesome Team IN TORONTO!

A Branding Agency in Toronto that offers Effective Brand Consulting, Corporate Grooming and Social Media Advertising Services to bring entrepreneurs, professionals and small to mid-sized businesses to the forefront.  


Our team of experts provides a wide range of solutions, from content creation to social media management and more.  After an initial brand analysis, we work on a well laid out timeline to realize client 'packaging' ends. Get in touch, and together we will incorporate the best practices forward in reaching your goals - Be it Corporate, Editorial or Personal.

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Steven T.  Video

The one door you want to open for all your media needs!

Stefan G.

Michelle O.

At One Door Media Inc., we know that building a strong social media presence is crucial to the success of any business. We specialize in helping businesses of all sizes achieve their branding goals through strategic Facebook and Instagram ads. With years of experience, our team is dedicated to helping our clients reach their target audience, increase brand awareness and ultimately drive sales. Contact us today to find out how our social media marketing services can help your business grow!

Digital Media Marketing
by A Mathews

Content Creation by Stefan G

Stefan is a content creator, video editor and an expert in creating high-converting ads. Over the years, Stefan has nailed producing engaging content and is dedicated to bringing your ideas to life. Working together to make your ideas stand out is Stefan's end goal!

Corporate Brand Shoots & Promo Videos by Michelle Orsi.

Let's get you one step closer to your corporate brand identity.


Make a lasting impression with a Professional Business Headshot and Promotional Video with our in-house Creative Head, Michelle Orsi. 


With our expertise in image consulting and photo shoots, we’ll ensure that your online content reflects your personal brand and leaves a lasting impression on your clients. Schedule your session today and take the first step towards a successful personal brand. 

Tania Haldar 

Image & Brand Consultant, Boutique Branding. One Door Media Inc.

In charge of ODM's Global Boutique Clients, Tania Haldar, Director, ODM Inc. is an Image and Brand Consultant. With a background in Photojournalism, Design, PR & Advertising, Tania is an Educator of Corporate Grooming, analyzing client vision and mission. Tania lays out customized step by step visual management plans to ensure a holistic approach towards corporate branding and growth.


​Haldar is the nominee and Finalist for the Business Excellence Awards for 'Bell Small Business of the Year' - 2021-22 and also a Nominee for the 'Entrepreneur of the Year Award' - 2022-23. 


"My job is to understand your vision and take you just there! Whether you're an entrepreneur or a small - mid sized business, my team's goal is to educate your company and your employees on how to fully reach your business potential by aligning your brand with your corporate mission. Image matters. Your brand - be it personal or professional is serious business. Make it count every single day."

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Also, check out my Passion Project below !

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Mark Gaylard, VP of Operations, Oryx Canada

"One Door Media Inc. is more than a branding company, photo studio and video arts specialist. They are true professionals that listen as much as they speak. Tania is a professional through and through. She genuinely gets to know the client and understands the outcome they are looking for. ODM delivers every time and in a timely fashion. The quality of work is second to none and the environment is progressive, fun and a learning experience in itself. I would highly recommend ODM Inc. to anyone building a brand, reinventing a product, or a company looking to scale to the next level."
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